• SKGNet Private Network   support mission critical applications of data, voice and high-definition video-  reliable, high performance and secured network to connect your branches wherever your business locations are or when the popular wired or wireless are not available, or too expensive
  • SKGNet Internet– connecting business with internet access via satellite- affordable, business-grade performance and secured- making internet accessibility and convenient even at the most remote and underserved areas
  • SKGNet Backup– alternative solutions in the event your main landline network connection is disrupted or lost- total diverse backup strategy to keep your critical mission, critical applications and assets online
  • SKGNet Multicast– multicast carrier service that deliver content instantly and efficiently regardless the geographical location
  • Involvement:
    • TH Plantation Remote Office Communication solution
    • Vsat services for Petronas Carigali Camp no 8


  • mobile and portable satellite Internet solutions
  • offer a wide range of satellite dishes from 0.75m to 1.8m
  • provide a broadband Internet connection anywhere a vehicle can travel
  • can be mounted on a truck, van, railroad car, trailer, etc.
  • easily deployed within minutes after arrival at your destination, all at the push of a button and without extensive training or certifications
  • some end users deploy the technology for emergency response
  • agencies from the government and private sectors, explorers in the oil and gas industry, businesses with mobile offices, insurance adjusters, construction
  • companies with onsite office trailers, libraries with bookmobiles and even RVers who need to stay connected to their home office use VSAT mobile solutions to connect from anywhere.
  • Involvement:
    • Mobile Vsat for TH Komuniti mobile branch Van
    • AM Besten/FRU Outdoor Broadcasting Van
    • TM/D6 Outdoor Broadcasting Van


  • specialized engineering services in RF Design, Survey, Installation, testing and commissioning (HF, UHF, VHF and Wifi)
  • Involvement:
    • Testing and commissioning VHF radio for Sapura Kencana, TNB scada radio.
    • Prepaid Wifi solution for college.
    • Wireless backhauling
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