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MAKKAH, Aug 1 (Bernama) — Tabung Haji (TH) will implement an identification initiative for Malaysian haj pilgrims known as the E Haj Identification Badge (eLPH), for the haj season next year to monitor the movement of the pilgrims in the holy land.

The Head of the Malaysian Haj Delegation, Datuk Seri Syed Saleh Abdul Rahman said the initiative was the result of a cooperation between its subsidiary, Theta Edge Bhd which was carrying out the eLPH pioneer project at two hostels, namely hostel 74 and hostel 75, with a total of 6,000 haj pilgrims.

“We will use an application on the smart phone for us to make a head count for all the 6,000 haj pilgrims and we expect the application will function most effectively within a radius of 30 metres and less,” he told a media conference, here today.

hrough this initiative, he said TH would be able to identify the position and number of haj pilgrims and reduce the risk of pilgrims getting lost besides preventing undesired incidents.

The application, using the low-emission bluetooth technology, would disclose the name and several other identification details of each pilgrim within a maximum radius of 80 metres from the application.

“Our main objective in introducing the eLPH is to track down the haj pilgrims in certain operations so that we get the right number of pilgrims according to the early data that we have,” he said.

Among the inspection centres that had been specified are the airport terminals, after boarding the buses and after arriving at the hotels to ensure that the number of haj pilgrims remained the same as the number recorded in Malaysia.

“This application will also be used when the haj pilgrims perform the first umrah upon arriving in Makkah where we will trace the number of pilgrims going to perform their umrah and upon returning to their hotel accommodation,” he said.

This initiative will also be used to track down the movement of the haj pilgrims from Makkah to Arafah during the Masyair operation and the counting of the pilgrims will also be carried out upon their arrival in Arafah.

The eLPH will also function as the recorder of the pilgrims’ presence at all the educational ceramah arranged by TH while they were in the holy land so that the TH could gauge the effectiveness of the ceramah.

So far, the number of Malaysian haj pilgrims who had arrived in the holy land was 18,306 involving 41 flights of whom, 12,537 pilgrims were already in Makkah while the remaining 5,769 pilgrims were still in Madinah.