Vendor Registration


Thank you for your interest to become a Vendor to Theta Edge Group of companies. External providers who expressed interest to become vendors are invited to register with us by furnishing the required details in the “Vendor Registration Form” button at the end of this page.

1. To implement best business practices, increase corporate transparency, enhance corporate governance; and develop a robust and competitive among the Supplier / Vendor.

2. To ensure that the procurement of and tendering for goods and services are properly authorised, recorded and monitored.

3. To ensure that the purchased goods and services are a satisfactory quality and offer value for money.

4. To minimise the chances of misappropriation and protect Skill set and its staff in such an event.

Thank you for your interest in TEB. All vendors are required to go through the process prescribed in TEB vendor registration application. For smooth registration process, please ensure the following:
(1) You have prepared and readily scanned all supporting documents;
(2) Filled out all required details and information in the online registration form; and
(3) Attached all the necessary documents including company registration certificate (with SSM, CIDB, MOF, Accounting Firm, Surveyor Firm, Engineering Firm, etc.)

1.To submit vendor company details i.e. company’s name, address, contact number, email and person-in-charge through online “Vendor Registration”

2.To access the link and complete the registration and application.

3.TEB Procurement’s  team will review the information provided by vendors and process for registration.

4.TEB Procurement’s team will notify the vendor on status of their application via email.

5.All vendors must adhere to TEB Terms and Conditions and also the following:

  •   Manual 1 : New/ Renew Vendor Registration

  •   Manual 2 : Confidentiality Agreement