Whistleblowing Policy


Theta Edge Berhad provides an avenue for employees and its stakeholders to raise their concerns regarding any unethical or unlawful activities that exist within the organization.


The whistleblowing objective is to provide guidelines and independent channels that encourage all employees within Theta and its relevant stakeholders as an avenue to report the act of wrongdoing, misconduct, corrupt practices, unethical behaviors and commit criminal activity by any of its employees and directors, that may adversely impact penalization, being fined and reprimanded by the authority.

The whistleblowing policy shall apply to all employees, directors, and any other person who has established a business relationship with TEB including but not limited to agents, consultants, suppliers, vendors, and any other service provider concerning the wrongdoings listed below:


  1. Bribery and receiving kickbacks;
  2. Fraud or dishonesty;
  3. Misuse of position;
  4. Misuse of the TEB’s property and information;
  5. Harassment and sexual harassment;
  6. Intimidation and bullying;
  7. Forgery or alteration of any documents belonging to TEB, its customers, or agents of TEB;
  8. Actual or suspected criminal offenses;
  9. Embezzlement or theft; and
  10. Conflict of interest.

whistleblowing process flow

Submit your concerns through our reporting channel by clicking and completing our whistleblowing disclosure form for an independent investigation and consideration. All information and details provided will be treated as “Highly Confidential” and under the protection of the Whistle-blower Protection Act 2010.